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Charisma is the missing piece essential for brands today to build trust, adoration, and lasting relationships. Since our founding, Charisma Media has dedicated ourselves to honing the art of compelling narratives, infusing each advertisement, copy and creative piece with charismatic elements as we strive to Connect Brands & Charm People.


Our Letter To You

Dear Business Owners, 


You want results and returns, and we are a no-bullsh*t ad agency that is driven to bombard our clients with sales and leads.

Talk about a perfect match.

You see, we pride ourselves as the Paid Ads Specialist.

That means we’ve placed a monastic focus on researching, studying, testing and implementing ads that work, and Xing those that don’t.

In doing so, we’ve gathered the blueprint and the strategies to craft effective Social Media Adverts that actually boast results and returns.

Paired with our philosophy to understand, empathise and engage the psyche of Social Media Users, we have consistently been able to charm masses through paid advertising, with as much as 1500% Return on Ad Spend attained in a recent campaign.

At Charisma-Media, we focus on bringing our clients astonishing ROIs through social-media advertising.

We're the agency to simply Ideate, Propose, Create and Execute.

And while we're at work? You just sit back and relax.

Just kidding. You'll probably be suffering from success, busy getting to the customers we bring :D

Look, we can go on-and-on about Social Media Marketing 101, we know it'll only bore the heck out of you. Instead, we prefer to simplify it by giving you just what you want and need to know.


Because if you want an agency that breaks down Ad budget, Performance and Returns on Investments in matter of seconds, we're definitely for you.




Yours Sincerely,

The agency that actually cares about your results.

Charisma Media Advertising

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Rysher began his freelance writing journey for startups and companies around the country when he was 17. As he ventured deeper, he developed a knack for advertising and copywriting. A personal anecdote, coupled with his sheer belief to 'Go Big or Go Home' eventually led to the opening of an agency, Charisma Media Advertising. Fast forward to today, he's an ad-man, writer, and a bit of a suit-obsessed maniac. If he isn't on his desk writing about suits, wishing for another Ferrari Podium in F1, or thinking about the next great ad copy, chances are he's on his third coffee run.



An up and coming Architect with a profound obsession for great design, heartfelt stories and well, buildings. Aside from time studying in a book-filled mancave, Nicholas spends hours pondering and ideating — definitely not procrastinating — on creative designs and advertising angles. While most may be deceived by his bubbly and jovial attitude. At work, he has a relentless pursuit for perfection in design, though that's perhaps among some of many reasons why clients love his work; Or more accurately now, theirs.

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Let's understand how we can strategise your advertising plans to generate astonishing ROIs.

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